The 2013 Envirotech Investor Summit | October 30-31 in London


By 2011New Energy World Network's Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor Summit had established itself as the foremost event for networking with the industry's most active and influential investment decision-makers, experts, company leaders, entrepreneurs and technology pioneers. With attendance capped at 500 delegates the Summit had become Europe's largest investor event for renewable energy and clean technology.

This was their website for the 2013 Envirotech Investor Summit held October 30-31 in London. The Summit addressed the growth and financing challenges faced by emerging environmental and clean technology companies and the strategic issues occupying the leading energy companies.
It focused on key issues of growth, investment and new business opportunities concerning the whole investor spectrum including private equity and venture capital firms, asset management firms, listed company investors, corporate investors, corporate acquirers, hedge funds, project financiers, family offices and pension funds.
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Al Gore

Chairman, Generation Investment Management
New Energy World Network’s Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor Summit 2013 will take place in London on the 30th and 31st October 2013. The Summit follows on from sold-out events over the past six years and will once again bring together hundreds of the industry’s most active and influential investment decision-makers, financiers, company leaders, entrepreneurs and technology pioneers across a huge two day event incorporating three streams of expert discussion, in depth analysis, company presentations and the latest insights into growth, financing and development within the green economy

The agenda will focus on key issues of growth, investment and new business opportunities concerning emerging start-upsestablished businesses and international corporates - as well as the whole investor spectrum of private equity and venture capital firms, asset management firms, listed company investors, corporate investors, corporate acquirers, hedge funds, project financiers, family offices, pension funds, endowments, foundations and impact investors.



Provisional Agenda



Plenary Sessions: Making Green Investment Happen

9.00Welcome Address

Richard Sachar, Director, New Energy World Network

9.15Green Infrastructure: Promoting Large-Scale Change

  • What are the main hurdles facing the industry in growing the renewable share in the energy mix and how can they be overcome?
  • From community schemes to large scale developments, how important are these projects to the overall development of the green economy?
  • To what extent is the unprecedented shale gas boom impacting the development of new clean energy projects?

Shaun Kingsbury, CEO, Green Investment Bank
Dr Ian Mays, CEO, Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
Dorothy Shepherd, Portfolio Delivery Manager - Offshore Wind, The Crown Estate
Nick Boyle, CEO, Lightsource Renewable Energy

10.00Renewable Heat: A Huge Market Opportunity

Silvio Spiess, CEO, Innasol


10.50World Energy Scenarios: Casting The Cleantech & Renewables Debate In A Global Context

Dan Rieser, Deputy Director, World Energy Council

11.15Corporate Perspectives: How Are Europe’s Biggest Companies Incorporating Green Innovation & Sustainability?

  • What are the success factors that make sustainability initiatives actively impact a companies bottom line?
  • How can green technology company's get the attention of major corporates?
  • What payback do companies need to see to persuade them to adopt energy efficiency and other new technologies?

Peter Harris, Director Sustainability, UPS
Greg Chant-Hall, Head of Sustainability, Skanska
Amie Shuttleworth, Project Sustainability Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
Mark Cavill, National Carbon and Environment Manager, Royal Mail
Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SITA UK

12.10Stimulating Innovation: Transforming Green Ideas Into Successful Businesses

  • How are companies managing to address the funding gap on the road to commercialisation?
  • How are emerging cleantech companies building strategic partnerships and gaining investment support?
  • How can growing companies seek international partners and break into new markets?
  • How are successful are corporates at integrating innovation from SMEs into their organisations?

Jos Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners
Eric Dresselhuys, Executive Vice President - Global Development, Silver Spring Networks
David Robertson, COO, Hydrodec
Albert Fischer, Managing Director, Yellow&Blue
Jochen Wermuth, Chief Investment Officer, Wermuth Asset Management


STREAM A: Green Infrastructure & Finance

14.30Building The UK’s Low Carbon Infrastructure

Julian Morgan, Chief Economist, Green Alliance

14.50Sustainability, Green Finance And Investors: Where Are We?

Simon Howard, CEO, UKSIF

15.15Private Equity: Investing In Later Stage Opportunities

  • To what degree do the requirements of resource productivity and business efficiency affect a wide range of private equity deals?
  • How are investors looking to partner with established blue-chip corporates to further support their investee companies?
  • How do opportunities compare between investing in companies and investing in green development projects?

Joost Bergsma, Managing Partner, Glennmont Partners
Colin le Duc, Partner, Generation Investment Management
Barney Lee, Partner, Mourant Ozannes, Guernsey
David Rae, CFO, Innasol
Thomas Rottner, Founder & Managing Partner, Platina Partners


16.30Banking & Risk Management: Financing Green Projects In A Strengthening Economic Climate

  • How is the improving economic climate in Europe affecting the financing decisions of green projects?
  • What alternative financing options are banks currently exploring to ensure green growth?
  • How large is the appetite among banks for financing large-scale clean energy generation projects?

Amit Dewan, Managing Director - Project & Commodity Finance, UniCredit Bank AG
Federico Florian, Head of Energy & Environmental Finance, KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH
Asari Efiong, Senior Product Development Manager - Energy Efficiency & Climate Change, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
Nicolas Guillemont, Vice President - Energy Finance Project, Société Générale

17.15M&A Activity: Corporate Acquirers Step Up

  • Where are large energy and technology companies looking to build out their capacity in this area?
  • Is a strategic tie-up or acquisition the ideal route for an emerging tech innovator?
  • What kinds of companies are on the radar screens of corporates in the coming months?

Francis Wright, Managing Director, Turquoise International
Mark Howard, Partner, Charles Russell
Nicholas Atkins, Managing Partner, Georgieff Capital Advisors (UK) LLP



STREAM B: Stimulating Innovation

14.30Venture Capital Panel: Sourcing Game-Changing Cleantech Opportunities

  • As VCs look towards resource efficiency, how is the scope of 'cleantech' being redefined?
  • With corporate venturing firms playing a larger role in the cleantech VC space, how are these groups choosing to partner with traditional investment firms?
  • Why are energy efficient technologies, in their broadest sense, so important to such a wide range of industries?

Konrad Augustin, Principal, E.ON SE
Kelsey Lynn, Director - Technology Ventures, Imperial Innovations
Nicola Baker-Munton, CEO, Stratagem
Christoph Ruedig, Investment Director, Albion Ventures
Nikunj Jinsi, Global Head Clean Technology Investments, International Finance Corporation

15.15From Seed-Stage To Growth: Navigating the Route to Company Expansion

  • Where can emerging technology developers gain early stage support and capital to enable them to take the next steps to growth?
  • What are the routes to finance available for cleantech companies seeking to hit the market?
  • How can new technology companies attract the attention of large industry players and other strategic partners?

Roger Price, CEO, Windlab
Sean Sutcliffe, CEO, Green Biologics
Beverley Gower-Jones, Owner, Carbon Limiting Technologies
Dr Marianne Germain, CEO & Co-founder, EpiGaN nv
Will Martin, Director, Angel Investment Network


16.30Sustainable Investment: Responding To Global Change

  • As green investment continues its move into the mainstream, what must be done to prove it is a mature and established asset class?
  • From demographic change to resource scarcity - what are the macro drivers translating to a sustainable investment opportunity?
  • To what extent are generalist investors taking sustainability themes into account when assessing prospective companies?

Bill Weil, Chief Investment Officer, Ludgate Investments
Aled Jones, Head of Responsible Investment - EMEA, Mercer Limited
Sam Gill, CEO, Environmental Investment Organisation
Max von Arnim, Partner, Fjord Capital Partners
James Hulse, Head of Forests & Head of Investor Initiatives, CDP

17.15Corporate Venturing: Making Strategic Green Investments

  • In which sectors are corporates leveraging their VC arms to source partnerships with innovators?
  • What do corporate investors bring to the table over and above capital support?
  • What are the long term drivers dictating the growth of corporate investment in cleantech and related technologies?

Akira Kirton, Venturing Principal - EMEA, BP
David Aitken, Head of Incubation, Carbon Trust
Ashley Smith, Principal, British Gas Ventures



Plenary sessions: Tackling Climate Challenge

9.00Welcome Address

Ben Chambers, Group Editor, New Energy World Network

09.05The Need For Regulatory Consistency To Support Growth & Development Of Green Projects & Renewable Energy

Tim Yeo MP, Chairman, Energy & Climate Change Committee

9.30Fireside Chat: How Oil Majors Are Going Green

  • To what extent are diversified energy companies willing to invest in clean energy technologies and generation?
  • Which new technologies stand out as being the best aligned to traditional forms of generation?
  • How are sustainable practices and new efficiency technology being implemented in fossil fuel operations?

Hosted by: Ben Chambers, Group Editor, New Energy World Network

Angus Gillespie, Vice President CO2Shell

10.00New Opportunities For Sustainable Capitalism

Al Gore, Chairman, Generation Investment Management


STREAM A: Technology Focus

11.30Marine Energy: Staying In The Race As Strategics Pick Winners

  • How can Europe maintain its lead in tidal and wave technology development?
  • With strategic investment proving crucial to scale-up, how can innovators secure partnerships?
  • What does the marine industry still have to do to prove its case when compared with other alternative energy technologies?

Stephanie Merry, Head of Marine, REA
Tim Cornelius, CEO, Atlantis Resources Corporation
Paul Jordan, Global Market Sector Head - Clean Energy & Power Generation, Ricardo
David Krohn, Board Director, EUOEA
Martin Murphy, Managing Director, Tidal Energy Ltd (TEL)


14.00Solar Power: Re-Adapting To A Post-Boom Market

  • What is the outlook for solar manufacturers and developers in 2014?
  • How is the policy affecting the solar space and what is the long term outlook for solar incentives and tariffs?
  • To what extent are manufacturing issues impacting the development of new solar projects?

Archie Fraser, Corporate Finance Director, Solarcentury
Rob Denman, Director, TGC Renewables
Richard Rushin, UK Sales Manager, Trina Solar
Joachim Baumgaertner, Managing Director, Green Rhino Energy Ltd

14.40Geothermal Power: Tapping Into Europe’s Potential

  • Are utilities now turning to geothermal heat for the provision of low carbon heat to district heating schemes?
  • What are the most likely sources of funding for financing heat projects in urban environments?
  • How can geothermal technology translate to industrial settings and new applications?

Susan Petty, President & Chief Technology Officer, AltaRock Energy
Ryan Law, Managing Director, Geothermal Engineering Ltd.
Michael Feliks, UK Operations Manager, Cluff Geothermal Ltd.

15.20Smart Cities: Delivering Energy With Next-Generation Technology

  • Which key technologies are currently being deployed to maximise energy efficiency?
  • In what areas is investment most urgently required to upgrade existing urban infrastructure?
  • Are financing difficulties for smart projects hindering a holistic approach to developing smart cities?

Eric Dresselhuys, Executive Vice President - Global Development, Silver Spring Networks
Simon Daniel, CEO, Moixa Group
David Symons, Board Member, UK Business Council for Sustainable Development
Tim Curtis, Director Operational Development, Ricardo-AEA
Matthew Pencharz, Sr. Advisor to the Mayor of London - Environment & Energy, Greater London Authority


STREAM B: Technology Focus

11.30Wind Power: Maintaining Europe’s Leadership

  • Where will the next market breakthrough come from to spur the continued rollout of wind energy?
  • To what extent are planning concerns continuing to hinder the build-out of onshore wind?
  • As large scale offshore wind projects develop, what upgrades are needed to the transmission grid to ensure the most effective deployment?

Ian Bryan, Development Manager, The Crown Estate
Christine Brockwell, MD – Offshore Wind, Green Investment Bank
Ken Milne, Senior Manager for Energy Policy, Isle Of Man Department of Economic Development
Rob Van Basten Batenburg, CEO, Marwind


14.00Sustainable Transport: Changing Consumer Perceptions

  • Is consumer uptake the main barrier to the further development of electric vehicle technology?
  • What alternative technologies are rivalling EVs in the widespread rollout of sustainable transport solutions?
  • Where is investment most needed in developing a sustainable transport infrastructure?

Ian Ellison, Sustainability Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
Peter Badik, Managing Partner, Greenway Operator
Martin Hale, EV Charging Infrastructure, ABB
Andrew Wordsworth, Chairman, E-Car Club

14.40Bioenergy: Tapping Into Industrial Interests

  • Which bioenergy sub-sectors, such as waste-to-energy or biomass, offer the most attractive returns for investors?
  • How are project developers accessing finance for biomass projects and how can investors add value?
  • What issues still need to be resolved around feedstock supply to ensure the widespread growth of biomass generation?

Jean-Baptiste Barbaroux, Head of Corporate Development, Global Bioenergies
Richard Bennett, CEO, Sunbird Bioenergy
Ralph Hofmeier,Founder & Owner, EAWC Technologies
Richard Barker, CEO, Biogen

15.20 Emerging Company Focus: From Concept To Commercialisation

  • What are the main hurdles for emerging green businesses to overcome when looking to commercialise a breakthrough technology?
  • What strategies are young cleantech businesses using to make connections with corporate players who can help grow their business?
  • What are the financing opportunities available for up-and-coming cleantech innovators, and how can companies overcome the sector’s growth challenges?

Helge Gallefoss, CEO, Fjord IT
Chris Hilliard, Chairman & Managing Director, MagPower Systems
David Banitt, CEO, NewCO2Fuels
Brooks Preston, Partner, Virgin Green Fund



Some of the Speakers



Al Gore

Chairman, Generation Investment Management

Former Vice President Al Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management. He is also a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and a member of Apple, Inc.’s board of directors. 

Shaun Kingsbury

CEO, Green Investment Bank

Shaun Kingsbury served as an Investment Partner at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading clean energy private equity firm where he was responsible for its European activities.

Angus Gillespie

Vice President CO2, Shell

Angus is Shell’s VP CO2 based in The Netherlands.  His is a centralized team that oversees Shell’s overall CO2 emissions and accompanying financial exposure with a cross-business, global role.  He was previously responsible for strategy development in Future Fuels & CO2, where Shell’s biofuels growth plans were generated, and before that for the Shell Renewables business.  He has also held a variety of commercial roles in Shell’s upstream businesses in Aberdeen, The Hague and Houston. 

Dr Ian Mays

CEO, Renewable Energy Systems (RES)

Dr. Ian Mays MBE is CEO of Renewable Energy Systems (RES).   Ian was awarded an MBE in 2007.  He is a mechanical engineer by training, obtaining his BSc degree and PhD at Reading University and is Visiting Professor at the School of Engineering of the University of Hertfordshire.  Ian has been a leading figure in the field in the development of renewable energy since the 1970s and is one of the industry’s most active advocates in the UK and abroad.  He is Past President of the European Wind Energy Association, Past Chairman of the British Wind Energy Association and is also involved in the Global Wind Energy Council. 

Nick Boyle

CEO, Lightsource Renewable Energy

A dynamic leader and entrepreneur, Nick Boyle is founder and CEO of Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited, the UK’s largest solar PV developer, owner and operator. He is well known in the industry for his success in marrying retail financial products to low-risk, predictable investment revenue, generated by utility-scale solar PV plants.

Tim Yeo

Chairman, Energy & Climate Change Committee

Tim Yeo has been MP for South Suffolk since 1983 and Chair of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee since 2010. He was a member of the Thatcher and Major Governments, serving in the Home Office, Foreign Office, Department of Health and Department of the Environment. As Minister of State for the Countryside and Environment, he reformed planning law, helped to develop climate change policy and established the now thriving Energy Saving Trust.

Konrad Augustin

Principal, E.ON SE

Konrad Augustin is Principal at the Strategic Co-Investment (SCI) Group of E.ON SE, one of the largest utility companies in Europe. SCI as corporate venturing unit is searching for and investing in innovative start-up companies to create value by deploying their technologies and services across the E.ON group globally.

Eric Dresselhuys

Executive Vice President, - Global Development, Silver Spring Networks

Eric has been with Silver Spring Networks since it was founded in 2002 and has more than 14 years of experience in developing Smart Grid solutions to address the industry’s most pressing challenges.  Eric has been instrumental to the growth of the company and currently leads the company’s global development.

Peter Harris

Sustainability Director - EMEA, UPS

Peter Harris is Sustainability Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at UPS. He has spent 23 years with UPS including six as UK Automotive Director and two as UK Industrial Engineering Director.

Akira Kirton

Venturing Principal - EMEA, BP Ventures

Akira Kirton is Ventures Principal – Europe, Middle East and India for BP Ventures.  BP Ventures makes strategic investments in companies with distinctive technology that aligns with BP core businesses. Prior to this, Akira was seconded to the UK Energy Technologies Institute, a $bn public private partnership focussed on accelerating technologies to enable the UK to meet its 2020 and 2050 energy and climate change targets.

Ian Ellison

Product Sustainability Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Ian manages sustainability at Jaguar Land Rover from a product development perspective.  The role involves developing and implementing a product sustainability strategy to manage product life cycle impacts, lightweight design, energy and materials cycles.

Federico Florian

Team Head - Power, Renewables & Water, KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH

Federico commenced his career as General Counsel at an infrastructure conglomerate (partly owned by the IFC, the private arm of the World Bank) in Buenos Aires. In 2002 he joined Currie & Brown, a British PFI and PPP consultancy practice for projects in the UK and Latin America, advising on project financing and concession agreement with governments and the private sector.

Joost Bergsma

Managing Partner & CEO, Glennmont Partners

Joost Bergsma founded BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners in mid 2008 whilst working at ABN AMRO Asset Management now owned by BNP Paribas Investment Partners.  At the end of 2010, Clean Energy Partners finalised its fund raising at Euro435m for its first clean energy fund.

Jonathan Wymer

Managing Partner & CIO, Montpelier Technologies

Jonathan Wymer promotes investment in the new technologies that stand to benefit from disruption of existing platforms in big data, data science, DevOps, and he manages one of the most sought after Kubernetes development teams in Europe. With a background in big data, Jon's team strives to exploit cutting edge strategies in artificial intelligence to bring new functionality to existing applications within green tech. Major advances in CAD, using IA informed, containerized software orchestration have provided opportunities to contribute to global cloud based solutions made available to both governments and industry.

Asari Efiong

Senior Product Development Manager - Energy Efficiency & Climate Change, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

Asari Efiong is Senior  Product Development Manager in the Energy Efficiency & Climate Change Team at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD). She is responsible for new financial product development in renewable energy and clean technology across the EBRD countries of operations.

Amit Dewan

Managing Director-Project & Commodity Finance, UniCredit Bank AG

Amit specialises in financing projects in the conventional and renewable energy sector.  Amit has 15 years of experience in the energy sector in both financing and advisory. 

Silvio Spiess

CEO, Innasol

A highly experienced and respected CEO. Prior to founding Innasol in 2010, Silvio spent 8 years as the CEO of Internorm Group, Europe’s highly successful leading window manufacturer responsible for 1,800 staff and 1,200 commercial partners. He is a vocal commentator on renewable energy and UK renewable heating and has indirectly participated in the drafting and debate of a UK renewable financial incentive programme and UK Government support.

Ian Bryan

Development Manager - Offshore Wind, The Crown Estate

Ian Bryan joined The Crown Estate in February 2009  and currently has responsibility for delivery of the Offshore Wind Test & Demonstration programme.

Christine Brockwell Managing Director - Offshore Wind, Green Investment Bank

Christine was previously a Director at Global Capital Finance, a leading financial services advisory firm where she was responsible for the firm’s European renewable energy transactions and global equity syndication. She led the company on several noteworthy asset M&A transactions, including offshore wind. Prior to joining Global Capital Finance in 2006, she was an advisor to private clients within Citigroup Global Markets.
Ken Milne

Senior Manager for Energy Policy, Isle of Man Government

Since 2009, Dr Ken Milne has been Senior Manager for Energy Policy in the Isle of Man Government where he has advised on energy policy and economic development. He has a MBA from the Open University and a BSc (Hons) and PhD from the University of Dundee in the UK. 

Kelsey Lynn
Director - Technology Ventures, Imperial Innovations

Kelsey B. Lynn is Director, Technology Ventures, at Imperial Innovations, a £230m venture business focused on technology commercialization and venture financing for startups associated with the top UK research universities.

 David Robertson

COO, Hydrodec

 David Robertson has been the Chief Operating Officer of Hydrodec Group plc since January 2012. He previously spent 30 years at BP plc, with 10 years in executive level roles concluding as Technology Vice President, Conversion, in the Refining and Marketing segment.  After leaving BP in 2009 he held the position of COO at a US based technology start-up business in the energy/waste sectors, with accountability for R&D, projects and operations.

Rob van Basten Batenburg Managing

Director, Marwind Group

Rob van Basten Batenburg has almost 10 years of experience in the offshore wind, marine and other forms of renewable energy sectors. After a distinguised career in the Royal Netherlands Navy as submariner and senior staff officer for plans and policy, he focused on providing professional services in management consulting and innovation in HiTech, CleanTech, maritime and energy technology areas. He also has a tenure as Director in BT Group, where he was an innovator and drove international business.

He is a graduate of the Dutch naval and defence academies, AmsterdamUniversity and LondonBusinessSchool with a Sloan Fellowship.

Tim Cornelius

CEO, Atlantis Resources Corporation

Timothy acquired a unique combination of academic, practical and commercial experience before taking the role of CEO of ARC. Tim has accumulated a wealth of engineering and concept development experience.


Susan Petty President & Chief Technology Officer, AltaRock Energy

Susan Petty is the Chief Technology Officer, President, and Founder of AltaRock Energy, Inc.  She has over 34 years of experience in the geothermal industry in electrical and direct use project economics, optimizing of power plants to meet resource conditions, reservoir evaluation, reservoir modeling, well, plant and wellfield performance data analysis, well testing and test data analysis.  She has also assisted in negotiation of geothermal lease agreements, power sales agreements, geothermal project financing agreements and geothermal property sales and purchases, and policy studies for state and federal agencies.


Jean-Baptiste Barbaroux Head of Corporate Development, Global Bioenergies

Jean-Baptiste Barbaroux is Head of Corporate Development at Global Bioenergies. He was trained as a molecular biologist and he obtained his PhD from Imperial College London, UK. Jean-Baptiste Barbaroux later turned his R&D activities to the fields of synthetic biology and enzyme engineering. He joined Global Bioenergies in 2011 to lead enzyme engineering projects before taking over the responsibility of Corporate Development. Jean-Baptiste is now based in Hong Kong from where he actively develops the company’s network in Asia.rporate Finance, RBS and Merrill Lynch.

Jos Peeters

Founder and Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners

Dr Jos B. Peeters is Founder and Managing Partner of Capricorn Venture Partners, an independent pan-European venture capital and asset manager seeking to invest in technology based growth companies. Capricorn is investing out of its Capricorn Cleantech Fund, its Capricorn Health-tech Fund, its Capricorn ICT Arkiv and is managing Quest for Growth, a cross-over fund quoted on EuroNext Brussels, and the Quest Management Cleantech Sicav.

Dorothy Shepherd

Portfolio Delivery Manager - Offshore Wind, The Crown Estate

Dorothy Shepherd is The Crown Estate’s Portfolio Delivery Manager, responsible for the delivery phase of the offshore wind programme. She heads the Offshore Wind Delivery Team, located in Edinburgh and London, who support post consent offshore windfarm sites that face project finance challenges to reach a financial investment decision.

Francis Wright

Managing Director, Turqouise International

Francis is a Managing Director of Turquoise International, a merchant bank specialising in Energy and the Environment. Established in 2002, Turquoise offers both corporate finance advisory and investment management services. Turquoise is also a founder member of Turquoise Capital LLP, a seed-stage investor, and acts as fund manager to the Low Carbon Innovation Fund. Francis previously worked at Close Brothers Corporate Finance, RBS and Merrill Lynch.’s network in Asia.rporate Finance, RBS and Merrill Lynch.

Nicholas Atkins

Managing Partner, Georgieff Capital Advisors (UK) LLP

Nicholas Atkins has over 20 years of corporate finance and private equity experience.  He has advised on a range of M&A and corporate finance transactions across various industry groups, including the technology sector, and now heads up Georgieff Capital’s clean technology advisory practice.  He has also successfully led a number of private equity transactions both as an advisor and principal.  Mr. Atkins has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  He has dual British and US citizenship.

Colin le Duc

Partner, Generation Investment Management

Colin works on Generation's Climate Solutions Fund. Prior to co-founding Generation in 2004, Colin was a Director at Sustainable Asset Management ("SAM") where he worked on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and SAM's sustainable investment funds.

Thomas Rottner

Founder & Managing Partner, Platina Partners

Thomas is the founder and a Managing Partner of Platina Energy Partners, an independent European investment firm specialized in renewable energy established in June 2002, investing its third generation fund mainly in wind and solar opportunities across Europe. Thomas chairs the investment committee and oversaw the investment and operational activities of more than 1.1GW of investments in renewable assets. Prior to this Thomas was Senior Vice President, Business Development for Sithe Energies Europe, which acquired and operated large power generation assets, where he led the business development effort in Central and Eastern Europe.

Martin Hale

Head of Marketing & Sales - EV Charging Infrastructure, ABB

Martin Hale is the Head of Marketing & Sales for UK and Ireland at ABB EV Charging Infrastructure, a world leader in fast EV charging solutions.

Nicola Baker-Munton

CEO, Stratagem

Nicola Baker-Munton is the Chief Executive Officer of Stratagem Intellectual Property Management Limited which she founded in 1999.  At Stratagem, Nicola has pioneered strategic management of IP through her strong commercial experience and belief that IP clients require expert advice as part of an overall defined plan for maximising the value of IP assets.

Steve Cooper

Executive Vice President - Europe, Skanska

Steve Cooper is EVP for Skanska Infrastructure Development, an operating unit of Skanska AB, one of the world’s largest development and construction services companies.  He is responsible for the UK and European PFI / PPP market, overseeing projects in development including healthcare, education, roads, waste, energy, and accommodation.

Peter Badik

Managing Director, Greenway Operator a.s.

Peter founded GreenWay Operator together with Juraj Ulehla in 2011, as a spin-off from MyEnergy, which is active in various clean technology and renewable energy projects in the Slovak Republic. Peter is also the Director of the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association and initiator of the National strategy for electric mobility in Slovakia.

Richard Rushin

UK Sales Manager,Trina Solar

Richard is UK Sales Manager at Trina Solar, bringing with him a wealth of commercial knowledge developed over more than 20 years in senior sales and business development positions in the energy efficiency and micro-generation sectors.

Amie Shuttleworth

Project Sustainability Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine

Amie Shuttleworth has worked for Sir Robert McAlpine for the last 8 years in various roles including environmental engineering, community liaison and sustainable procurement. She is currently the Project Leader of the National Initiatives Group examining design and commercial reporting of construction projects.  Her passion is sustainable design, she was the Project Sustainability Manager of Air W1 which included a hydrogen fuel cell solution in London’s West End. She has recently completed her thesis at the University of Cambridge where she analysed

Dan Rieser

Deputy Director - Scenarios, World Energy Council

Mr. Dan A. Rieser is Deputy Director, Scenarios, at the World Energy Council (WEC). He coordinates the work on the WEC’s World Energy Scenarios to 2050.

Albert Fischer

Managing Director, Yellow&Blue

Albert Fischer has 23 years of experience in venture capital and management in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Over the course of  his career he has invested in 22 companies focusing on sustainability and clean energy, two of which have gone public (AIM and NASDAQ).  Albert is Managing Director of Yellow&Blue and a Board member for portfolio company Triogen.

Chris Hilliard

Chairman & MD, MagPower Systems

Mr. Hilliard has been the Chairman and Managing Director of MagPower Systems Inc. since November of 2009.  Recasting the company’s financial statements, developing a comprehensive business plan and securing funding lead Mr. Hilliard to assume control of corporate activities.  The Company has reached manufacturing agreements and anticipates commercial production this fiscal year.

Mark Howard

Partner, Charles Russell

Mark is a partner in the Corporate Finance group at Charles Russell. He advises on primary and secondary listings (on AIM and the main market), M&A, VC/PE investments, joint ventures, restructurings and distressed asset sales.  Mark's clients include companies operating in the Energy and Natural Resources and Technology sectors, and it is this which has resulted in Mark's interest in Cleantech.

Ryan Law

Managing Director, Geothermal Engineering Ltd

Mr Law is a geologist specialising in shallow and deep geothermal systems.  He has a degree in Geology from Oxford University, a Masters in Hydrogeology and a PhD on the transport and modelling of heat in fractured rocks.

Dr. Christoph Ruedig

Investment Director, Albion Ventures

Christoph joined Albion Ventures as an Investment Manager in October 2011 and focuses on investments in healthcare and renewables. He initially practised as a radiologist, before spending 3 years at Bain & Company. In 2006, he joined 3i working for their Healthcare Venture Capital arm. Most recently he has worked for General Electric's healthcare division, where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions in the medical technology and healthcare IT sectors.

Ashley Smith

Principal, British Gas Venture Capital

Ashley runs British Gas Venture Capital and has spent more than a decade in clean-tech. Prior to co-founding BGVC, Ashley invested in technology companies ranging from gas turbine efficiency to solar to power electronics at CT Investment Partners. Earlier in her career, Ashley worked for Franklin Templeton Investments and the Environmental Protection Agency. She has an MBA from Wharton Business School, and a BSc from McGill University.

Aled Jones


Head of Responsible Investment - EMEA, Mercer Limited

Aled is the Head of Responsible Investment (RI) for EMEA within Mercer Investments. He is responsible for managing the delivery of RI services to Mercer’s clients in the EMEA region. Aled also works directly with clients to provide them with advice on formulating and implementing all aspects of their RI strategy.

Brooks Preston

Partner, Virgin Green Fund

Brooks is a Partner of the Virgin Green Fund Emerging Markets and a member of its Investment Committee.  Brooks has been investing in renewable energy in emerging markets since 2005. Prior to founding VGF EM, Brooks was the Principal at Wolfensohn & Company,  an emerging market private equity firm led by former World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn where Brooks  focused on low carbon energy investments in global emerging markets.  From 2003 to 2008, Brooks had a number of senior management roles at BP plc in emerging markets, including head of global business development and M&A for BP Solar, and chief of staff to a Group Vice President running 10 large downstream oil businesses with $450 million in EBIT operating across 100 countries, most of them emerging markets.

David Rae

CFO, Innasol

A dynamic professional and highly respected CFO, with 20 years’ international business and finance expertise. David spent seven years with Ernst & Young advising fast growing businesses on how to succeed and implementing financial best practice across a number of industries. Following this he worked for 10 years as a senior corporate finance professional, raising significant amounts of capital for both public and private businesses and has focused on the clean tech sector since floating the UK’s first fuel cell company in 2004.

Jochen Wermuth

Jochen Wermuth, Founding Partner, Wermuth Asset Management

Jochen Wermuth is Founding Partner, Wermuth Asset Management family office & Green Gateway Fund,  Advisory Board member of the World Economic Forum’s GCC, Davos, and of the Liberal Mission Foundation, Moscow. He has overseen investments in Russia/CIS valued in excess of $1bn, participated in the set-up of Deutsche Bank Russia and worked in the Russian Ministry of Finance ‘93-97.

Roger Price

CEO, Windlab

Roger is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Windlab Systems Pty Ltd. He is also a Partner at Innovation Capital, Windlab’s largest shareholder. In more than 25 years of experience Roger has worked for both multinationals and start-up companies in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Bill Weil

Chief Investment Officer, Ludgate Investments

Bill joined Ludgate in 2008 and is the Chief Investment Officer; as a Director of Ludgate, he has responsibility for the management of the investment team. Bill graduated with honours from the University of Pennsylvania, with degrees from both Wharton and the School of Engineering and has an MBA from INSEAD. He started his career at Environmental Resources Management as a consultant, moving on to various operational experiences, including helping to turn around a start up in the metals sector.

David Banitt

CEO, NewCO2Fuels

David Banitt, CEO of NewCO2Fuels, has more than 20 years experience in management, marketing and development gained at several successful high technology companies. He worked for El-Op, developing military thermal imaging systems. Later joined Optrotech, a world leader of capital equipment vendor for the printed circuit board manufacturing market, where his last position was vice president of marketing.

Paul Jordan

Global Market Sector Head – Clean Energy & Power Generation, Ricardo UK Ltd.

Paul joined Ricardo, a leading provider of technology, strategy and environmental consultancy services, in April 2010 to lead the strategic direction of the clean energy & power generation area.  Previously Paul was Business Development Director at Ocean Power Technologies (OPT), a wave energy technology developer.

Archie Fraser

Director of Corporate, Solarcentury

Archie Fraser, Director of Corporate Finance at Solarcentury – Archie is responsible for Solarcentury’s relationships with its project investors; this role has become increasingly important as Solarcentury’s utility-scale development activity increases.  He is also responsible for developing finance solutions for Solarcentury’s rooftop business.  Before joining Solarcentury, Archie was Head of Alternative Energy Research at Redburn Partners. 

Richard Bennett

CEO, Sunbird Bioenergy

Richard Bennett is CEO of Sunbird Bioenergy Africa and also a non-executive Director of AIM listed China New Energy who are Asia's largest builder of biorefineries. Richard is an experienced entrepreneur and executive who excels at commercialising emerging technology. Previously, Richard was a co-founder of J2 Inc (NASDAQ:JCOM) and CEO of Coms plc (AIM:COMS). Now at Sunbird, he is implementing his vision of creating a sustainable bioenergy industry in Sub-Sahran Africa.

Simon Daniel

CEO, Moixa Group

Simon Daniel is CEO & founder of Moixa Group, pioneering IPR in advanced mobile and energy technologies. He previously launched USBCELL batteries and Moixa ventures, including gaining a dozen US patents and licensing a 2 million unit selling folding keyboard.  Simon leads the strategic, innovation and commercialization of Moixa Technology which is delivering MWh pilots of distributed energy storage for consumer and grid balancing. He was previously a senior manager/technology evangelist for Accenture and holds a physics MA CANTAB.

Tim Curtis

Director - Operational Development, Ricardo-AEA

Tim has been with Ricardo-AEA (and its predecessor AEA Technology) since 2007 and has held senior management roles in the energy and environment field for the last 15 years, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. In addition to a number of operational responsibilities, Tim leads on strategy and business planning within Ricardo-AEA.

David Krohn

Board Director, EU Ocean Energy Association

After completing his Masters in Environmental and Marine Pollution law, David moved to the UK and took up a role at the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, primarily managing a nuclear stakeholder dialogue. He joined RenewableUK in mid-2011 and coordinates the wave and tidal energy work on behalf of the association.

Helge Gallefoss

CEO, Fjord IT

Helge is an experienced entrepreneur and truly believes that innovation and technology can be used to industrialize eco-friendly solutions. He is the founder of a range of companies in the media and IT from 1989 until Fjord IT 2011, such as TV and media productions, web development, IPTV, Web TV / convergent and virtualized services.
Helge is the inventor of the patent pending passive cooling technology that is at the core of the Fjord IT technology platform.

Sam Gill

CEO, Environmental Investment Organisation

Sam is currently leads the Environmental Investment Organisation, devoting his time and energy to advancing a pragmatic investment solution to address the climate crisis. Sam joined the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) in 2009 and has been the driving force behind the development and launch of the Environmental Tracking (ET) concept.The ET Carbon Rankings list the world’s largest 1,300 companies according to their carbon emissions and levels of transparency. The ET Index Series is designed to provide the investment community with a market mechanism capable of harnessing the power of the financial system to incentivise corporate emissions reductions through share price pressure. The EIO is a UK based non-profit research body, focused solely on advancing practical and marketable solutions to address the impending climate crisis.

Michael Feliks

UK Operations Manager, Cluff Geothermal Ltd.

Michael Feliks is Cluff Geothermal’s UK Operations Manager, and current Chair of the REA deep geothermal energy subgroup.  Prior to joining Cluff in 2011 he worked in several UK Government departments including the Treasury and DECC, where he worked on developing renewable heat policy and the creation of the Renewable Heat Incentive.  He latterly led DECC’s policy response to the re-emergence of deep geothermal energy in the UK.  He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Glasgow.

Matthew Pencharz

Environmental Advisor, Mayor Of London's Office

Matthew Pencharz first joined the Mayor's team at City Hall from the BBC in November 2009. He spent more than three years on the network section of the BBC One programme Politics Show, where he focused primarily on environment and energy stories.

David Aitken

Head of Incubation, Carbon Trust

David Aitken is Head of Incubation at the Carbon Trust and focuses on support to early stage clean technology ventures. David has advised more than 50 clean technology ventures across a wide range of low carbon technologies and led the Carbon Trust’s $5m incubation partnership with General Electric, which was launched in early 2012, to find, assess and incubate clean technology start-up businesses across Europe. David also leads the Carbon Trust’s incubation work for the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s £35m Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Barney Lee

Barney Lee, Partner, Mourant Ozannes, Guernsey

Barney joined Mourant Ozannes from Australia in 2005, spending five years with the firm before leaving to set up the office of another international offshore firm in Guernsey 2010. Barney returned to Mourant Ozannes in 2013 where he focuses on the needs of investment funds and related clients including fund formation, structuring and regulatory advice, restructuring, M&A, corporate and finance. Barney is qualified as a Solicitor in both New South Wales and England and Wales (currently non-practising).

Stephanie Merry

Head of Marine, REA

Dr Stephanie Merry is the Director of Focus Offshore Ltd, an engineering consultancy specialising in marine renewable energy, and Head of the Ocean Energy Sector Group of the Renewable Energy Association in London.

David Symons

Board Member, BCSD-UK

David Symons sits on the managing board of the BCSD-UK and leads WSP’s sustainability advisory practice, helping companies and cities develop clear strategies and deliver on these in new and imaginative ways.

Martin Murphy

Managing Director, Tidal Energy Ltd.

Martin is a Chartered Engineer who graduated in electrical and electronic engineering and gained an MSc in power electronics engineering. He has spent the great majority of his career in the marine sector, firstly serving as a Marine Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy for 12 years and since then, 20 years in managerial positions in industry. Martin joined Tidal Energy Ltd as Managing Director in 2009 and is leading the company in the development, build and commissioning of its full scale prototype DeltaStream device.

Nikunj Jinsi

Global Head - Clean Technology Investments, International Finance Corporation

Nikunj Jinsi joined IFC in 2003 and heads IFC’s clean technology investment team globally, as part of its Climate Business Group. He combines over 20 years of experience in various industry sectors, having worked and lived in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the US. Nikunj blends operational, entrepreneurial, investment banking and over 17 years of emerging market private equity experiences with unique global perspective on several industries. At IFC, Nikunj has led over 25 growth equity investments, several of which have had successful exits, for which IFC acted as a (co-)lead, involving other leading private equity and strategic players, and has taken on board positions on several of IFC’s portfolio companies.



2013 showcase:

This year’s Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor Summit will once again feature a third stream of dedicated sessions showcasing emerging innovators and technology developers to a targeted and expert audience of investors, industry leading-companies and large corporates.Presenting companies will include breakthrough businesses from a range of sectors and backgrounds, offering insights into new industry developments, business opportunities and potentially game-changing technologies.

Global Bioenergies was founded in October 2008 by Marc Delcourt and Philippe Marlière. In February 2009, the company raised €3.2m ($4.6m) from Seventure Partners, the VC subsidiary of BPCE, one of France’s main banks. In 2009, a proof of concept was obtained for the process leading to the bio-production of isobutene. A lab-scale prototype was built in 2010. Two preliminary agreements have been signed on the isobutene process, one with an American major and one with a German car manufacturer. In July 2011, Global Bioenergies has performed its IPO to raise the capital necessary to the development of its isobutene process. €6.6m have thus been raised on the NYSE Alternext market in Paris. In July 2011, the Company has announced the signature of a partnership with Synthos to replicate to butadiene the success originally obtained on isobutene, another member of the light olefins family. A milestone in this partnership has been reached in December 2012 which has resulted in the payment of €2.7m by Synthos to Global Bioenergies. The butadiene process is now in its development phase.

In June 2013, the Company announced the beginning of the industrial pilot phase of its isobutene process, in collaboration with Arkema and supported by a €5.2m financing to be received from the French State (“Investissements d’Avenir” program).




This year's Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor Summit will take place at the Grange City Hotel in London.

Grange City Hotel
8-14 Coopers Row, London 
United Kingdom

Quote the reference CNB1214381 to make reservations and take advantage of the limited spaces at the special rate of £239.00 + VAT including Continental Breakfast on the 30th October. To reserve, please call or email:

Tel:    +44 (0) 20 7863 3700